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When their local Chicago school notified Sami and Ruba Imsaih that their daughter had been exposed to head lice, the couple was proactive. “We did three preventive treatments with traditional lice products,” Ruba said, “and her hair and scalp were badly irritated by the pesticides in the products.”

Sami and Ruba got married in August of 2008 and currently have two children, Sophia (8) and Kristopher (5). Their oldest child, Sophia, received 2 letters from her school about a lice outbreak in 2017 within a three week time span and an additional announcement from her cheerleading squad one week after. After checking her hair and not finding any louse or nits, we did 3 preventive treatments on her hair resulting in severe dry scalp and irritation. After the 3rd treatment in October of 2017, we researched alternative options for hair treatment and found the Lice Clinic of America’s website and inquired about a franchise opportunity. We studied the business opportunity and decided opening up a clinic would assist other parents in receiving an effective treatment for their children without the extra unnecessary chemicals that cause more damage to the scalp. We look forward to assisting people of all ages with this condition. It’s the ease of the treatment, comfortability of having it done once and the quality of knowing they are free and clear that led us to where we are now.

Sami Imsaih owned his first cell phone store with his partner (his cousin) while in high school in 2000. He also worked for his uncle in 2000, whom owned a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service territory in Wisconsin. In 2002 he purchased his first territory as a business owner in 2002. He currently has 4 Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs territories and 9 tax offices with a tax preparation production of 6k plus in client individual tax returns and a retention rate of 85% and above for each office.

Ruba Najjar has worked for Family Doctors Family Healthcare since 2003 as a receptionist and became an office manager in 2007 to current. The practice consists of 2 family practice providers, 1 podiatrist, physical therapy and cosmetic surgery/laser. They are affiliated with 2 hospitals; Swedish Covenant Hospital and Northshore Skokie Hospital. In addition, she manages and prepares individual tax returns for one tax office of Sami’s which has over 1k in clients since 2007.

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